Our priorities

Criminal justice and penal reform

What would good look like?

A fair and just criminal justice system, with a significantly reduced prison population, which considers individual needs and potential and places a focus on prevention and rehabilitation.

The conditions in UK prisons are very challenging, and high reoffending rates continue to be a significant problem. There are disproportionate numbers of disadvantaged groups in prison, and individuals in the system have often had chaotic lives before conviction.

Civil society organisations play a key role supporting individuals at all stages in their journey through the criminal justice system, but they face increasing demands whilst budgets are shrinking. They also shine an independent light on the criminal justice system.

We support organisations that work with people at any stage of the criminal justice system, that support individuals to resettle successfully in the community, and organisations that work to address disproportionality and promote a fair and just system.

The next application deadline is:

31st July 2022

Grants range in size, with most grants awarded being in the range £10,000 to £20,000.

The A B Charitable Trust is happy to provide funding for core costs.