Our priorities

Migrants and refugees

What would good look like?

A country in which people who migrate, are refugees or seeking asylum are made welcome, treated lawfully and fairly, and enabled to maximise their potential.

Individuals arriving in the UK must navigate a complex and often unhelpful legal and policy environment. Their experiences can include status insecurity, enforced destitution, and indefinite detention, along with significant and related impacts on physical and mental health. Even those with secure immigration status often continue to face considerable barriers to integration in terms of housing provision, health services, language support, access to employment and more.

Civil society organisations offer a range of interventions to support people who are migrants, refugees and seeking asylum, while operating in a difficult context. We recognise these challenges, and we support organisations who are working to respond to immediate needs within communities, as well as those working towards a consistent and fair policy environment.

The next application deadline is:

26th July 2024

Grants range in size, with most grants awarded being in the range £10,000 to £30,000.

The A B Charitable Trust is happy to provide funding for core costs.