Our Priorities

We support work that promotes human dignity and defends the human rights of marginalised and excluded people.

We fund small to medium sized charities
who work in three priority areas:

Migrants and refugees

Criminal justice and penal reform

Human rights, particularly access to justice

Why these priorities?

Our focus is on supporting the most marginalised and excluded groups in the UK, who are often from communities experiencing poverty and racial inequality.

People who migrate, are refugees or seeking asylum, and people involved in the criminal justice system, are often the subject of negative public narrative – and being unpopular causes, can be difficult to fundraise for. In supporting access to justice, we recognise that high-quality legal advice and representation is a powerful tool to help bring about both individual redress and systemic change.

If your work falls outside the priorities or criteria of the A B Charitable Trust, you can get advice on other sources of funding here.