Our priorities

The Human Rights Framework

What would good look like?

A robust legal and policy framework to protect and uphold human rights in the UK.

The human rights framework in the UK, and corresponding protections which uphold democratic processes and the rule of law - are the foundation of all the work that we seek to support across our priority areas.

We support organisations that work to uphold, enhance and implement the human rights protection frameworks in the UK, defend civic space and hold the Government to account around human rights protections.

Note: this does not include single issue or single right campaigning work, or human rights work focused on particular groups, unless these are captured by our other funding streams.

See FAQ for what AB Charitable Trust means by Human Rights Framework, and examples of this work.

The next application deadline is:

26th July 2024

Grants range in size, with most grants awarded being in the range £10,000 to £30,000.

The A B Charitable Trust is happy to provide funding for core costs.