Information for Grantholders

We aim to be flexible and to create as little burden on partner organsations as is reasonable through the grant making process to enable you to get on with your work – we recognise that you are the experts in what you do.

We appreciate updates on particular successes or challenges and expect you to let us know of any significant changes to your organisation or funded activities during the course of a grant.

While our Board and staff want to see as much work being carried out as possible and make regular visits to learn from partner organsations, we have limited capacity and it is not possible to visit every organisation. We will contact you if there is an opportunity to arrange a visit. Similarly, it is rarely possible for us to attend events you may invite us to. It’s not because we aren’t interested, but because of our limited capacity.


An annual report is required from organisations awarded a grant.
The report should illustrate how the grant has made a difference.

Guidelines for reporting
It is up to you to decide what to put in your report, but since most of the grants given by the A B Charitable Trust are for core costs, the kind of information included in the narrative section of your annual report and accounts would be a good basis. If the funding was for a particular project, then please report accordingly.

It is always useful to have quantitative information (such as the number of people supported) as well as qualitative (such as anecdotal feedback from people supported) included in your report.

We don’t expect your report to be longer than a couple of sides of A4.

Single year grants
We ask successful applicants to provide a report according to the guidelines above, 12 months after the start date of the grant, as detailed in the grant letter.

Multiyear grants
Where we have indicated that we will fund a grant over multiple years, we require a report each year. This will act as a formal request for the subsequent year’s funding and should be submitted 10 months after the start date of the grant, in order for our Board to consider renewal of the grant.

We will also require the following:

  • A copy of your most recent audited signed accounts
  • A forecast for your current financial year (including total anticipated income and expenditure)

A reminder will be sent to the main contact for your grant one month before this information is due.


The A B Charitable Trust does not have a required fallow period between grants, and an application can be made for a grant to begin following completion of the previous grant.

Partner organsations can hold one open programme grant at a time. This does not apply to the A B Charitable Trust’s other funding programmes, so if you hold a special initiative or anchor programme grant you may be eligible for a second grant. It is only possible to hold one unrestricted/ core grant at a time.

If you have a query which is not answered through this information – look at our FAQs.