How we make decisions

We take account of these factors when looking at applications (in addition to ‘what we look for in partner organisations')

• Geography – we look to have a balance of grants across the UK, and consider needs and demand in different parts of the country.

• Financial position – we look at whether a grant would make a significant difference to the applicant in comparison with other applicants in that round.

• Approach – we consider the applicant’s values, and how they align with our own. In particular, we consider how the organisation centres the individuals they work with.

• Working with others – we look to support organisations that work in partnership, amplify the work of others, and share knowledge.

• Clear fit within priority areas –an organisation is likely to be more successful if its work is single focus and clearly fits within one of our priorities and/or cuts across more than one of these priorities.

• Most marginalised - within our priority areas, we prioritise people who are facing intersecting disadvantages and who are most marginalised by society.

This page is focused on our open programme. The two other funding streams, special initiatives and the anchor programme are invitation only, but organisations funded through these streams are generally known to us through applications to the open programme. The factors mentioned above, and what we look for in partner organisations, apply equally to these other two funding streams.