A B Charitable Trust


If my income is less than £150,000 or greater than £1,500,000, can I still apply?

The Trustees tend to support charities whose income is within the specified range. Very occasionally they may support charities whose income is above or below, if the work of the charity is one of ABCTís priorities and they believe it to be of unusual value.

We are preparing to become a registered charity, and require funding for the process. Can we apply for a grant?

The Trust is only able to fund charities that are already registered in the UK.

What do you mean by charities with large national or international links?

We mean charities that may be registered separately from the national or international charity that bears the same name, but which exist in many locations. We cannot normally fund such charities as we do not have the capacity to fund applications from every local organisation that may apply.

Is my project likely to be suitable for funding by the Trust?

ABCT has limited funds and each application has to compete with the other applications that come in at any particular time. There is no way of telling in advance what those applications are likely to be, nor how closely they will match the interests of the Trust. Any organisation may apply if they believe their project fits the criteria and guidelines published on the website.

Do I stand a greater chance of getting funding if I apply for a project rather than for core funding?

Applying for a project rather than core costs will not improve your chances. ABCT understands organisations need core funding and is happy to provide it. Please donít create a project for the sake of this application, but feel free to put forward a project if you already have one and you think it would be suitable.

How much money should I request in our online application? If I ask for too much or too little, will that affect my chances of receiving a grant?

The amount requested on your application will not affect the Trusteesí decision on making a grant to your charity. The Trustees have given amounts both larger and smaller than those requested by applicants. It is for you to decide how much you want to apply for, in light of your work and what you want the ABCT to fund.